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You Sing Jazz - Vol. 1

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You Sing Jazz gives you 7 songs in 6 different keys to choose from in the style of some of the best jazz standards arranged in traditional settings that provide a realistic idea of a typical jazz performance setting! There are very few tracks like this out there especially in singer friendly keys so we are happy to offer these tracks to both singers and instrumentalists. 

Chord changes only performed by a live rhythm section of piano, bass and drums with intros and endings that make great performance tracks for singers, horn players or guitarists. 

Purchase the key that best suits your range or work in several different key changes. If you are teacher and want to have keys for all your students then get the entire set of keys. Or if you are a singer/instrumentalist this is a great way to practice your skills in many different keys. 

Finally! sing and play a long tracks that allow you to sing what you want, improvise and work on your skills and have a real rhythm section to perform and improvise to standard songs or songs you create. 

Songs chord changes are in the style of: 

Autumn Leaves 
For All We Know 
Green Dolphin Street 
Hello Young Lovers 
I Got Rhythm 

Great for jazz bands, jazz vocal groups, jazz vocal chorus, vocal studio practice, jazz improvisation and scat singing, learning new songs, ear training and more. 

Sheet music is not included as these are only chord changes so you must already know the melodies and lyrics to the tunes or be working with a music instructor.