Vocal Visions



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Sheet Music




 Sher Music  - everything Jazz.


You Sing Jazz - jazz standard tracks for singers in 6 different keys with intros and endings.

iReal - A professional tool for musicians and music students of all levels.

Vocal Technique

 The Vocal Warm Up by Ellen Johnson: Important for all singers (soloists, bands, choirs, professionals and beginners) to get their voices ready to perform, increase musicianship skills, and develop strength, better vocal production, and a great singing voice. Divided into Male and Female low and high voice versions with an ear training section that follows.


Information about Vocal Genres, Technique, and more   

JazzStandards.com:     JazzStandards.com is the first and only centralized information source for the songs and instrumentals jazz musicians play most frequently. You’ll find fascinating origins, musical analyses, jazz histories, anecdotes, biographies, and much more. Currently the Top 1000 jazz standards are ranked and the Top 300 are fully documented